(Flathead County, Montana)


If you have an emergency, dial 911. For all other issues and inquiries, please, call Fire Chief Katie Mast at (406) 854-2828 (office) and (406) 283-1011 (mobile). If you need to mail anything to us, please, use the following address:

Marion Fire District
P.O. Box 939
Marion, MT  59925


The Marion Fire District in Flathead County, Montana was created October 14, 1980 by an act of the county commissioners in response to a petition from property owners in the unincorporated area known as Marion. The Marion Fire District is a public body corporate and politic with certain sovereign powers, such as the power of taxation.

The Marion Fire District was created to reduce the loss of life and property within its boundaries. The Marion Fire District seeks to provide quality, cost-effective services that exceed our community’s expectations.

The Marion Fire Department, known in the past as the Marion Volunteer Fire Department and the Marion Rural Fire Department, is the District's operational arm. The Department offers fire, rescue, and emergency medical response, as well as prevention and education services. It has developed a close mutual aid relationship with the two fire districts on its borders -- Fisher River Valley in Lincoln County and Smith Valley in Flathead County. Department firefighters and emergency medical technicians also respond to calls in nearby fire service areas managed by Flathead County, such as Ashley Lake.

  • 24/7 emergency response
    Fire, rescue, and emergency medical services
  • Reduced homeowner's insurance rates
    (Insurance companies would charge policy-holders much more, if the Marion Fire District didn’t exist.)
  • A fire safety program for children attending Marion Public School
  • Wildfire prevention and residential property wildfire protection education resources
  • A Community Center that can host gatherings of up to 100 people and features a kitchen.
The Marion Fire District cannot provide services without community members selflessly stepping up to serve their neighbors as volunteer firefighters, emergency medical providers, or in other field and administrative roles. The more people who lend a helping hand, the easier the burden is on the shoulders of the other volunteers. Volunteers not only provide an invaluable service to their community, they make new friends, learn new skills and have fun!

Please, contact Fire Chief Katie Mast to inquire as to how to volunteer your time and skills. No prior training is required. Chief Mast can be reached at (406) 854-2828 and (406) 283-1011, or via email at: 

The Marion Fire District is the second largest in Flathead County (with regard to geography) and operates three fire stations, which are staffed and managed by Marion Fire Department volunteers.
  • The first station, known as Battalion One, is located at 180 Gopher Lane in Marion, Montana across the street from Marion School. It is the principal office of the Marion Fire District. Attached to fire station building is the Community Center managed by the Auxiliary.
  • Battalion Two is located at 11620 Highway 2 West near McGregor Lake.
  • Battalion Three is located near the intersection of South Ashley Lake Road and North Ashley Lake Road on the south side of Ashley Lake in Kila, Montana.
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